So, What’s The Story Behind The Soaps?

February 4, 2013

The Massage Den prides itself on supporting local businesses, but also businesses that are near and dear to my heart. Recently we have started carrying a wonderful line of soaps from my friend Shannon at Bean Tree Soap. Shannon and I are part of a magnificent, tight knit group of ‘Spartan Mothers’ as another friend calls us; lively, vibrant, intelligent, creative women who will lift a sister up or back a sister up depending on the need. Shannon lives and crafts her soaps in Georgia, but I feel like she’s never farther away than next door or across the street. When I decided to carry a line of bath and body care products I immediately thought of Shannon and Bean Tree Soap.

Not only are Shannon’s soaps yummy and delicious smelling, they feel incredible on the skin and are beautiful to look at, too!  She is a master at her craft and cares deeply about her clients, consistently working at creating the high quality and pampering products sold through Bean Tree Soap. She began making soap in 1997 “mostly out of curiosity” she says and confesses to “dreaming about blends and somehow, in my head, everything can be incorporated into a bar of soap.” I asked Shannon to tell me about her soaps, her business, and what she’d like my clients at The Den to know:

5 Reasons To Love Bean Tree Soap

  1. Your skin is the largest organ that you have and what you put on your skin gets into your body. That is why we use natural, wholesome ingredients.
  2. We are a small company that makes every batch by hand. This means we pay attention to detail and we can afford to use the highest quality of ingredients to be found on the planet.
  3.  We leave the glycerin in our soap, it keeps your skin moisturized. The stuff you buy at the grocery has had the glycerin taken out of and then it is sold to you in other products. Each bar of Bean Tree Soap is loaded with the natural glycerin that is formed in the process of becoming soap. One shower and you will see the difference.
  4. We believe that life is art. In every task, no matter how mundane, there is an experience to be enjoyed. So we create bath and body care products that reflect the art of bathing. We believe that bathing must never be boring and each lather should remind us that taking care of ourselves is where happiness begins.
  5. Allergen free bath care items. That’s right! We formulate items for those that are sensitive to nuts, dairy, soy and gluten! We make our soaps in a facility that is free from these items. We live with allergies and sensitivities and know how difficult it can be to find great body care items.

“We believe that life is art. In every task, no matter how mundane, there is an experience to be enjoyed.” I just love Shannon’s approach, dedication, and passion for her work! I feel like what drives me to create the best possible massage experience for my clients is similar to what drives her in creating her wonderful, high quality products. I’ve heard clients say things like “they smell yummy enough to eat!” and “the scent isn’t overpowering and it lingers for a long time.” With soaps and scents like Lavender Patchouli soap, Black Raspberry Vanilla glycerin soap, Vaniglia Shea Butter soap (a grown up, ‘sexy’ vanilla), and one of my best sellers, Homme; masculine all the way and completely yummy. Fresh, clean, and very sexy, every man should smell like this! The scent is rounded out by adding a bit of vanilla, heliotrope, dry wood, and grapefruit.  I can’t keep it in stock! Not only does Bean Tree seem to have a scent and soap for everyone, I have clients with gluten intolerance and it’s comforting to know that I can not only offer them all natural and wonderful products, but that I can also have complete faith in the purity of those products.

In addition to the soaps, I have teamed up with Bean Tree Soap to offer massage aftercare packs that will include a soap, an aromatherapy balm, and a bath tea soak. These will be offered in the themes of ‘clear head’, ‘relaxation’, and ‘uplift’. They are the perfect way to extend and enhance the benefits of your massage from The Massage Den.

The Massage Den holds each individual client’s health and satisfaction in high regard, it’s what drives and sustains us, and the reason why, when given the choice, we choose to carry Bean Tree Soap. So the next time you’re in The Den why not check out the soaps and give them a sniff? Better yet, try a bar and see if you’re not hooked after the first shower!



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