Enjoy The Silence

July 6, 2011

Have you enjoyed the silence lately?  Seems the only peace and quiet I get these days is in session with clients.  Between dogs barking and crying all night, kids playing airsoft wars and xbox, and the constant flow of all of life’s worries chattering in my head, I can’t seem to find much solace.  Although, once I begin the preparations for receiving my first client of the day all the noise starts to dissipate.  The chillins know to turn the TV down, put up the loud toys, and speak in hushed tones.  The calm magically spreads to the dogs (all four of the “crazies” we call them!) and they settle down to soak up the peaceful energy that slowly unfolds throughout our home.  I find the answers to life’s worrisome chatter while effleuraging and kneading and digging into the tissues of someone else’s tension.  Like a giant wave of relief, both therapist and client are lulled into a better state of being.  Albeit a brief exchange, the 30, 60, or 90 minutes of silence and healing is a welcome retreat not only for you, my client, but for me as well.  Once again, thank you for coming into my life today!  I love my job.


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